Tim Feeley’s Bio

I’ve spent my career building products with and for people.

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Goldman Sachs

VP, Product

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

I’m building the customer experience to enable seamless onboarding and access to financial products across Marcus that help people understand their finances, meet their goals, and plan for the future.


Product Managment Lead

Identity Team

My team was responsible for the end-to-end user experiences that people use to create, access and manage their Google Accounts, as well as the platforms and APIs used by Google teams and third-party developers.

We optimized sign-up, sign-in and account recovery experiences and migrated Alphabet’s acquisitions (like Nest and Fitbit) to use Google infrastructure.


Product Manager

Interfaces Team

I was the PM responsible for our internal UX library used across Facebook, containing the design artifacts, cross-platform code and implementation guidance to craft beautiful, simple interfaces.

We helped teams experiment on their local products and incorporated winning experiments into the library for all products to benefit.


Director, Product

Site Experience Team

I created and led the Site Experience team, tasked with improving how travelers navigated our web and apps.

We systematically improved the UX of key site elements like search, navigation, maps, photo viewing and review writing, as well as developing new product lines for airports, neighborhoods and destination tourism organizations.


Early Career

I worked as a developer for my University, became a professsional services engineer for nTAG -- a MIT Media Lab startup, and grew out the Product & UX practice at Manhunt -- the world’s pioneer of online gay social networking.